My sons and I produce a precious few jars of fine fruit preserves, marmalades and jams, all of which are crafted from whole fruit, hand cut, pared, peeled and preserved everyday.  Our fruit is sourced locally, organic and wild wherever possible and sometimes from much farther afield.  In our practice we prefer delicate, small batch jam-making.  The process speaks to our whimsy, to the quality of our ingredients and towards our commitment to this craft. 

    Most of our work is sold in Denver at The Truffle Cheese Shop and Marczyk Fine Foodsin Aspen at The Cheese Shop and in Boulder at Cured.  Howeverwe do prepare a weekly selection of fine fruit preserves, marmalades and jams which are posted here on odd days and off weeks.  This offering is finite and disappears quickly for which a great many thanks are due to you.

~Raj Dagstani

 Thank you Amanda and Rachel and 5280 for our inclusion in "The Food Lovers Guide to Denver" and Joy and Ronnie for the exceedingly kind words and especially to Laurie and Erica at  The Urban Almanac  for a most wonderful day...