• "Bring on The Apples" | October 2012

     We're Harvesting Apples this week, hundreds and hundreds of apples and we're donating 100% of the sales of our apple jams sold October 22nd thru October 28th to the Bromwell elementary School annual fund...  We hope you'll join us in eating these apples and also in supporting The Annual Fund!

    ~Apple Caramel Jam :

    “This jam takes you right back to the circus...  We chose Honey Crisp Apples because they are crisp and juicy, with a sweet-tart flavor and because they retain their crunch, combining them with cane sugar and lemon juice makes for a true caramel apple experience.”

     ~Apple Walnuts and Thyme :

    “Delicious with gorgonzola or as a garnish with your first fall pork roast or keep it simple and let it transform crusty toast into a sweet and savory tarte tatin...”


    With a great many thanks to our neighborhood we sold 74 jars of Apple Jams and we were able to donate almost $900 to our local elementary school...  It's a wonderful life.

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