• Good Food Award | 2012

    Good Morning Friends,
    As some of you know we're in San Francisco where we're just delighted to have won a Good Food Award for our Pear Vanilla Preserves.  We wouldn't be here without your contributions and I wanted to share my thanks before our leaving California.  Kseniya's printing, Michael's photography, Mara's thank you, Brian's gift certificate, Josh and Kelly's extraordinary woodwork, Lynn's Hearts+Hands, Karin and Rob's indulging our whimsy at The Truffle, Ronnie and Joy's kind words, Stefan's endless generosity and inspiration, Martine's happiness and all of your bountiful support and encouragement are all an enormous part of our little fruit company..  The winners were chosen in a blind tasting by a panel including Alice Waters, Ruth Reichl and June Taylor, three of my culinary heroes and I hope you can take some joy in being a part of this acknowledgment and know that your contributions mean a great deal to me and to our success.

    All best and many congratulations,

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