• The Jam Sessions v.3

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    Please join us for our Jam Sessions and receive two of our favorite and most seasonal 10 oz jars of fine fruit preserves, marmalades or jams delivered to your door this month or every four to six weeks for the next six months.  The selections are drawn from our daily practice, some of which are also sold individually in our catalog.  The Jam Sessions selections are at their peak of expression and are the most seasonally driven. 

    Please note that local shipping, limited to Denver, is included in the price of our Jam Sessions while the cost of shipping elsewhere is determined at checkout, thank you.  

    To view a list of previous selections please visit here or to receive word of the individual odd jar made available on this website, please follow us on facebook, twitter or subscribe to our Weekly RSS Feed... 

  • The Jam Sessions v.3
  • The Jam Sessions v.3

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