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    In the aftermath of "Superstorm Sandy" my friend Wayne was amongst the hundreds of New Yorkers that swung into action, feeding those left hungry by this brutal force of nature.  Food is about so many things but none so great as sharing...  

    Towards that goal, we'd like to celebrate the everyday heroism made real in New York by gifting a jar of our Gingered Pear Preserves to the hero of your choice...  In exchange for your story we'll ship a jar of this jam to your favorite hero, with your thanks and with our compliments.  While we're unable to impact those that lost everything, it gives us great joy to acknowledge those that choose to make a difference.  It takes all of us...

    Unlike heroism, which is infinite, there's a limited run of these jars so please refine your list of heroes to one.  I know that's hard and I thank you.  


    Gingered Pears:

    Bartlett Pears are stemmed, cored, cut and complimented with candied ginger.  There's a delicate side to ginger that's best expressed when candied; it lends a subtle warmth to these pears while drawing out their fragrance.

    "Pears, as a tree fruit, were considered of high status, and thus suitable only for those of high birth. Numerous documents attest to the desirability of pears as a gift among the nobility, particularly because of their delicate and ephemeral nature. A whole genre of fruit poetry  arose to celebrate this idea."  From Cheese, Pears and History In a Proverb by Massimo Montanari

  • Everyday Heroes
  • Everyday Heroes

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