• Rosewater Scented Organic Peach Preserve

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    Organic Red Haven Peaches from Kokopelli Farms in Palisade Colorado are thinly sliced and macerated with a Lebanese Rose Water.  Jewel like in color, delicate, fragrant and gentle.  This preserve is for eating right off the spoon, no bready middle men needed...

    Rose water has a distinctive flavour and is used often in middle eastern cuisine—especially in sweets. In Iran it is also added to tea, ice cream, cookies and other sweets in small quantities, and in the Arab world and India it is used to flavour milk and dairy-based dishes such as rice pudding. It is also a key ingredient in sweet lassi, a drink made from yoghurt, sugar and various fruit juices.  In Malaysia and Singapore, rose water is mixed with milk, sugar and pink food colouring to make a sweet drink called bandung. Rose water is frequently used as replacement for red wine and other alcohols in cooking by Muslim chefs and is used during the podium celebration of the Bahrain and Abu Dhabi Grands Prix instead of the traditional champagne.

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