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    While our Pear Vanilla Preserves are hogging all the glory these days, we thought it would be the right thing to do to introduce our Pear Vanilla Jelly, her smoother more elegant, older sister...   This jelly is wholly dedicated to Karin and Rob at The Truffle whose company I'm grateful to be in.  The Truffle is one of my most favorite places on Earth and Karin and Robin are largely responsible for our success.  Their excitement for food is infectious and their "way' is an inspiration.  Thank you both for sharing yourselves and your shop so generously with us... 

    Buttery Anjou Pears, which hold their firm texture, are stemmed, cored, cut and combined with Madagascar Vanilla Beans before being drawn through the food mill.  This is a rich and deeply luxurious jam almost like a caramel, delicious and elegant.

    Anjou pears are thought to have originated in Belgium, and they are named after the Anjou region in France. The variety was introduced to England early in the 19th century. Called Beurr√© d' Anjou, they were introduced to America in about 1842. The name has been shortened simply to "Anjou."  These are some of our favorite pears for jam-making as they hold onto just enough of their crunch, despite the cooking process.

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